New and Reviving Trends for 2017!

Animated Cakes & Cake Mapping

With technological boundaries grower ever wider, attention has now turned to a technical cake! Projected onto the cake you can share your favourite memories or just simply an animated design you love; these cakes can come in all shapes and sizes! The idea originates from Disney’s Cinderella Castle and we can’t wait to use it this year!

Silent disco

Silent discos have been around for years, however, they began to rise in popularity last year and are due to be a staple piece of entertainment at this years events; allowing the party to go on into the night and early hours of the morning!

Silent Disco

Using social media to add personal touches to your event

You could wait until after the event to see all the photos and funny Instagrams from the day. OR you could have them projected live over your dance floor! It makes for a fun and interactive activity too, with guests actively posting photos throughout the event. Screens with live social media feeds can also be used as decor at your event, creating focal points throughout your event.

Social Media