Happy Easter from Entertainment Today

Happy Easter from the Entertainment Today team 

Hope you’re all set for your Easter egg hunts, feasts and everything in between. But if not, don’t worry, the egg-sperts are here to help you hop into the holiday weekend!

Easter Fiesta

If you’re planning a feast for your family and friends, you may want to look into these stunning table ideas and themes- go bold or go home! One of the beautiful things about decorating for Easter, is that you can make so much from scratch and it will still look great.

For example, the piñata egg shown. Of course, you’ve got to have eggs in every nook and cranny of the event, but this is something extra that your guests are sure to love. Although this may be hard to come across finding in shops, it is definitely easily made with the right crafts. Below we have attached a link to show you how you can make your own.

However, if you’re wanting something a little more classic, we have some beautiful ideas for you to have a look through and gather inspiration. We particularly love the mini spring bouquets as a party favour for the table settings and the colourful flowered ice cubes.

Easter Treats for Every-bunny

You can’t have a party without treats. For your little chicks, we’d suggest something they can decorate- it’s easy and super fun! From egg or bunny shaped cookies, to macaroons; or one of my personal favourites, meringue nests. Filled with chocolate and mini eggs, and you could even add some edible flowers for an extra touch.

For the adults, why not try an Easter style cocktail? The cottontail martini (pictured), is both classy and delicious. Gin is also a popular spring time drink, but you could spruce it up with some elderflower liqueur and sprig herbs. Not to mention, chocolate treats aren’t just for the children; and with Mini Egg Rocky Roads on the menu, no one will be disappointed. (Links below for Cottontail Martini and Mini Egg Rocky Road)

Have a hoppy weekend!

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