Motivate your staff with an office party

An office party is an excellent way to celebrate achievement. At Entertainment Today, we’re all about motivating leadership styles. Most companies find it to be more effective and leading to an increase in job satisfaction and higher retention rates. And is there a better way to boost the morale in the workplace than with an office party?

However, this doesn’t mean you have to hire out a lavish venue or spend tonnes on taking everyone out for food and drinks (although this will definitely go down a treat). We can think of many excellent ways in which you can motivate your employees, and we’ll use what we’re best at to put together your perfect workplace party within your budget!

Office Party Ideas

  • Food stations
  • Live music
  • Beer Pong
  • Life sized board Games
  • Cocktail/Chocolate Making
  • Ball pool invasion

Entertainment Today are excited to announce, we now offer office party packages, which start from £499 (based on 50 people). Although this is a set package price, we can certainly cater to your own preference and make a bespoke package for your team.

We can offer any of the above office party ideas, and much more!

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