‘Kylie Skin’ Launch Event

All hail Mindy Weiss, for pulling it out the bag again!

Earlier this week Kylie Jenner shared with us her lavish event for the recent launch of ‘Kylie Skin‘, the moguls latest beauty venture, with the help of Mindy and her team.

The event was as outrageous as expected; it had the vibe of a quirky spa, met with a Sweet 16th party. Impressive life-sized skin care products were proudly displayed around the room, along with smaller bottles for dressing shelves in the perfectly pink room. Guests enjoyed cocktails, themed food and roller-skating. Of course everything was branded to perfection, and we loved it. Showing as much attention to the finer details, as well as the more elaborate features of the event. This is exactly why Mindy has become the preferred planner for wealthy stars, such as Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Catering

In true Kylie Jenner style, she chose to go back to basics with her catering choices (cheesy fries and ramen), whilst cleverly branding them in skin care boxes. However, they did mix things up with PINK sushi and ice cream, obviously. She even had Kylie Skin bottles, filled with a signature cocktail ‘Coconut Blush’; in keeping with the pink branding, as well as the natural and clean theme of the product itself.


Photo Opportunities

Perfect photo areas are a must at all Kardashian-Jenner events, because what’s the point in throwing a lavish party, if you can’t Instagram it? The team created a bathroom/spa backdrop area, where guests could have photos in the ball pool filled tub, and have their photo in front of a large ‘Kylie Skin’ LED sign.

However, the magazine style photo booth was probably our favourite part of the event. An ingenious idea by Mindy’s team for both a fun photoshoot and promotion for the brand.








Images: @kyliejenner