How to go to a conference, without leaving your home

Events are a great way to engage with stakeholders. But despite all the learning opportunities they offer, conferences do require a huge time commitment.
Time spent traveling and at the event can be huge, especially if the event is multi-day and/or far away from an attendee’s home. Many people shy away from longer conferences or events that are farther from their homes.

So why not have the event in their homes?

No, we’re not talking showing up at their houses, descending some last-minute panic whilst they run around hiding mess from the boss.

We’re talking about the latest in tech to elevate your conferences and guarantee those attendees.



Let’s start with the basics, video conferencing and webcasting. Streaming to a dedicated private channel, YouTube or even to Facebook live… Minus the cat filter, obviously.

A tried and tested method; This is your chance to get one message to all your attendees at one time. With live Q&A, comments & feedback, webcasting is fast becoming a necessary tool to reach and interact with your audience on an intimate or global scale.
Unlike a live event, the opportunity to reach new audiences online is unlimited. It allows for flexibility and ease with your attendees who can dial in or re-watch at any time.

Viewers are also three times more likely to stay engaged with live content according to recent research.


Virtual Reality

To put it eloquently, virtual reality transports you into a completely different world using a technology to recreate a real-life setting.

To put it simply, with virtual reality allows you to get your message across clearly and uninterrupted by a ringing phone, an annoying cough or someone munching on biscuits from the refreshment area.

You delegates could attend the conference from the comfort of your own home, and still feel like they’re right there in the moment!
You can even use VR to support your conference objective; brand direction and/or product launch by changing the surroundings throughout the event keeping the audience on their toes and fully invested.

“Virtual Attendees” are a win-win for both the attendee and the event organiser. The attendee would have to take less time away from other commitments and the event planner would have attendees they might not have had otherwise.


Attendees need to be willing to completely leave behind their current world.



When someone says hologram, one thing instantly springs to mind.

Star Wars. (you know, the original one from the ’80s) when Princess Leia delivers a message to Obi Wan Kenobi via hologram. It’s exactly what I’m talking about, except far more advanced… and erm, real.

You’re the CEO of a global company and you need to get all senior staff members from around the world in one location at one time.

Now you’re responsible for their travel, their accommodation, their meals etc. You could pre-record yourself and have delegates watch from a video stream, but what if you could be there “in person”. What if you could beam in and present your message as if you were at a conference?

The use of holograms can be used to entice and engage your delegates and they can still be home for dinner.

If you need any advice on how to implement these tech ideas into your conference, give us a call.