Duddon Mill Farm

Duddon Mill Farm

An exciting new wedding and events venue has launched and we think you’ll love it as much as we do – Introducing: Duddon Mill Farm.

Duddon Mill is a stunning wedding and event space, based in rural Cheshire, set amongst 30 acres of mixed farm land. From apple orchards and beehives to beautifully renovated barns and a pond; they pride themselves on being a haven for the local wildlife. Rather than fighting with the natural environment, to create a new and modern space; they collaborate with it, to create their own unique beauty. 

The site is an on-going project, but nonetheless, is quite the impressive setting. They’re a strong team with fantastic vision, passion for their work and impeccable attention to detail. This venue is definitely one to keep a watch on, over the next few years! 


First Impressions

We were fortunate enough that we were invited to an open air dining experience at this beautiful venue last month and as soon as we arrived, we were in awe. There was live music, prosecco and canapés flowing amongst the delightful backdrop of the sunset and farmland. It was almost as if we’d taken a trip across to the mediterranean.

Upon approaching the beautiful backdrop that was Duddon Mill Farm, we were met with sounds of a 70’s country-rock style duo. They were just the right combination of uplifting background music; yet had so much to give, you found yourself singing and bobbing along with them. Even though the typical British weather made an appearance, it was not a factor in the enjoyment of the evening. Kept warm with heaters and blankets on our chairs, dined with copious amounts of wine and food, and sheltered by umbrellas had we needed to leave the marquee; the evening was a dream. 


Duddon Mill works with some of the best caterers in the North West, so you needn’t worry about struggling with finding the right fit for you. We were lucky to enjoy some of their work, in a delicious three-course meal that ended with a interactive dessert which saw the chefs bring together varieties of desserts in one mash up. 

The beauty of this space, is that clients have the freedom and flexibility to make the venue their own. The barn has been renovated for catering purposes, and soon, the rest as part of an indoor event space. Until then, they have marquees and tipi’s available, that can be put up in the courtyard or fields. These will still be available after the renovations.


Future Plans 

The future of Duddon Mill Farm will look at expanding areas to accommodate ceremony and reception spaces, eventually adding lodges for the whole family to stay. Guests can expect room service delivered to them via land rover in the middle of the night, if they so wish. Expanding on Duddon Mill’s love for land rovers and providing a unique experience for their guests. 

We can’t wait to see how this beautiful venue transforms, and what will come from the next few years.