Celebrate the Queen’s birthday like royalty

So, we may not be able to throw an extravagant garden party that royalty would be proud of but with her majesty’s birthday just days away and the glorious weather looking like it’s here to stay a little longer, we share some of their favourite garden games and party ideas that will have you celebrating like a true queen (or king!) this weekend.

Our favourite thing about a celebration is choosing a theme, the wackier the better, this is our first port of call whenever we begin planning an event. The theme is the bread and butter of any occasion. While the theme for this particular party seems pretty obvious there are plenty of variations you could take making your garden party unique. For example, you could decide to all dress as the queen at different life points (anyone else excited to re-live the noughties?) or how about putting a royal spin on an Ibiza classics party?

Now that the themes sorted, onto the agenda for the day.

There is no better way to celebrate the Queen of England than to throw an almighty garden party, full of truly British refreshments and activities. It really wouldn’t be an English celebration without a tea party now would it? So get your tea pots filled and your scones at the ready, lay out your picnic blankets and enjoy some afternoon tea. Why not take your picnic to the front garden and enjoy the celebrations with your neighbours (from a safe distance of course).

As for the games that can be enjoyed throughout the day of celebrations, well the list is endless. Croquet anyone? Or how about a game of rugby, tennis or clay shooting? Ok, admittedly many of us won’t have the means or the equipment needed for some of her majesty’s favourite sports, but these can be quickly and easily adapted to utilise the space on offer.

If you are after something more relaxed, how about some arts and crafts or baking? With so many royal and patriotic decorations and designs available there are ample activities to keep you and your family busy throughout the day